AeroInsta v15.0.0 (InstaMod v173. Editions) Apk Mod Download


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It is successor Mod Based on Krogon500’s INSTAMOD By Hazar Bozkurt

Aero Insta Features-

01. Download everything
The ability to download all stories, reels videos, IGTV videos, in short; all posts with one click.

02. Privacy
The ability to hide view stories, typing… and reading messages.

03. Follows you or Not Follows You
The ability to find out if a user is following you or not follows you by visiting their profile.

04. Hide ADS
Hides all regular and shopping ads in stories and your feed.

05. Disable analytics
The ability to prevent Insta from collecting data about your account.

06. Full quality photos
Possibility to prevent Insta from compressing photos.

07. Swipe to navigate
Ability to enable/disable swiping from left to right to open camera or from left to right to open DM.

08. In-App Browser
The ability to set the links you touch on Insta to open through browsers installed on your device, not within the application.

09. Play with sound
Ability to automatically audio-on start stories and posts without touching the screen.

10. Disable stories auto-skip
Ability to disable the auto-skip of the stories.

11. Remove black borders
Ability to remove black borders from stories.

12. Don’t crop stories
Ability to share stories without cropping according to the width of the screen.

13. Long tap to zoom
Ability to view any post with a picture content in full screen. You can also zoom in and out as much as you want using finger gestures while viewing the posts in full screen.

14. Download posts with triple tap
Tap any post for 3 times, post will be downloaded to your device.

15. Double tap to like
Ability to enable or disable likes by double tapping.

16. Always first media
Ability to always shows the first media for posts with multiple media.

17. Video autoplay
Ability to enable / disable video auto play.

18. Remove liked posts
Ability to hide the posts you like before.

Note- Some New Features Are Added and Some Old Features are removed. So Stay Tuned and Read Changelog on Every Update.


  • 🎉 Base updated to

🔸 Added hide view live. Live stream owners are never informed that you viewing their live stream. This way, you can view live stream without the live stream owners knowing (AeroInsta Setttings > Privacy > Hide view live).

🔸 Added increase reels upload quality (AeroInsta Setttings > Stories > Increase reels upload quality).

🔸 RE-Added mark as read.

🔸 Hided covid hub.

🔸 Fixed some crash and clone version bugs Thanks to Omvir Sheoran.

Default Package(Replace Original Insta)

Cloned Package(Install As Seperate)

Other Colors Than Default Dark-Light



Extra Dark


Coral Pink


Light Tone

Light Purple

Light Pink

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Apk Mod Android Game Full Mod Link - Drive link


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